July 27, 2023

Cécile's Tiny Home By Optinid

Introducing Cécile's Tiny Home, a tiny house creation by Optinid, manufactured in the town of Saint-Jean-le-Vieux, France. This tiny home showcases modern design and ingenious craftsmanship, featuring a full sunroof that bathes the interior in natural light.

The cleverly designed layout includes three beds to accommodate its occupants comfortably. The main mezzanine offers two beds under the captivating sunroof, while a second mezzanine provides ample space for an additional person and serves as a spacious storage area.

In the living room, there's a custom-made sofa with storage space underneath, along with a uniquely designed table that can transform into a seat and conveniently be stowed under the sofa. The desk, doubling as a step to access the main mezzanine, boasts a delightful bubble-shaped decoration with an integrated drawer, adding practicality to its charm.

The kitchen showcases an efficient design, complete with a gas cooker, sink, and smart storage solutions under the sink, at the back, and under the worktop in the form of two cupboards. The retractable table, cleverly hidden under the worktop, optimizes space for a delightful culinary experience.

The well-appointed bathroom features a spacious shower measuring approximately 31.5 x 31.5 inches, complete with a glass door and an easy-to-maintain and aesthetically pleasing dressing area. Additionally, the tiny home boasts eco-friendly dry toilets, offering sustainable living solutions. Privacy is ensured with a sliding door for the bathroom area.

Externally, the tiny home boasts fir cladding, exuding timeless elegance. To save weight and ensure longevity, black polycarbonate is artfully utilized in the design. This lightweight and durable material enhances the tiny home's exterior.

With external dimensions measuring approximately 19.7 feet in length, 8.4 feet in width, and 13.1 feet in height, Cécile's Tiny Home offers a spacious interior. The interior dimensions span approximately 19 feet in length, 7.2 feet in width, and a height of approximately 10.3 feet at its highest point. The tiny home boasts a total surface area of approximately 220 square feet, including the mezzanines.

Despite its compact size, Cécile's Tiny Home weighs approximately 7,055 pounds, making it portable and easy to transport. To keep its occupants cozy and warm, the tiny home is equipped with a gas boiler that efficiently heats the space through radiators.

Cécile's Tiny Home is a delightful testament to innovative design and sustainable living, offering a charming and functional space where modern comforts meet nature's beauty.

Images © Optinid

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