June 16, 2023

The Moth By Modern Tiny Living

Colombus, OH // 204 Sq Ft // By Modern Tiny Living

The Moth, a remarkable tiny home created by Modern Tiny Living, pays tribute to the influential not-for-profit storytelling organization of the same name. Founded by George Dawes Green in 1997, The Moth aims to recreate the captivating atmosphere of summer evenings on St. Simon's Island, Georgia, where George and a close-knit group of friends gathered on Wanda's porch to share mesmerizing tales.

Drawing inspiration from the screen around Wanda's porch, which inadvertently trapped fluttering moths in the light, George and his friends noticed a parallel between the characters in their stories and the moths themselves. These characters would be drawn to a bright light of ambition, adventure, or knowledge, only to face challenges and conflicts that propelled their narratives toward resolution.

Embracing the name "The Moths," George took his storytelling endeavor to New York City, hoping to ignite a similar passion for storytelling among New Yorkers. The response was overwhelming, with every show selling out within 48 hours, solely through word-of-mouth promotion.

Now, Modern Tiny Living proudly introduces The Moth, a stunning tiny home designed to capture the essence of Wanda's porch and bring it on a journey across the country.

Built on a 24 ft. Trailer Made Custom Tiny Home Trailer Foundation, The Moth showcases an exterior featuring LP Vertical Board and Batten Siding and a striking 12' x 8' Sliding Glass Accordion Door as the main entry point. The roof boasts a saltbox design with steel material, while a custom 9' x 12' slide-out deck with composite wood decking offers additional outdoor space. The exterior is accentuated by three custom wood window boxes and a custom metal Moth logo illuminated by LED lighting.

Inside, the tiny home delights with engineered hardwood flooring and poplar tongue and groove walls adorned with custom wallpaper. Industrial-style hardware complements the interior design, creating a distinctive atmosphere. The social area features a charming wood porch swing, inviting relaxation and contemplation.

The kitchen of The Moth boasts custom cabinetry, brown maple countertops, and a 24" black undermount sink. While it doesn't include an oven/range, it offers an under-counter refrigerator for convenience. The bathroom features a unique design with no shower but includes an RV-style flush toilet, floating shelves, and a wall-mounted sink. The door is a custom 2-panel swing door, and the walls are adorned with wallpaper.

The water, heat, insulation, and power systems of The Moth ensure comfort and efficiency. With a ductless mini-split providing heating and air conditioning, a Rheem electric tankless water heater, and closed-cell spray foam insulation, the tiny home is optimized for year-round living. A 50 Amp service supplies electric power, while a water tank package includes freshwater and black/grey water tanks.

Pricing for The Moth, like all models from Modern Tiny Living, is determined by appliance selections, finishes, customizations, and materials. The final price may vary based on individual needs, preferences, and requirements. For a personalized consultation about creating your own version of The Moth, reach out to Modern Tiny Living.

Images © Modern Tiny Living

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