June 29, 2023

Pueblo la Dehesa Tiny Houses (264 Sq.Ft.)

Santiago, Chile // 264 Sq.Ft. or 25 sq.m. // By Cazú Zegers Architects

The Tiny House Project, designed by Cazú Zegers Arquitectura in 2022, was a commission to create a small neighborhood called Pueblo la Dehesa in the commune of Lo Barnechea, Santiago. The project aimed to design three types of prefabricated houses of varying sizes, all under a contemporary and sustainable concept. Type A houses were approximately 264 square feet (pictured) with a bedroom and a bathroom, Type B houses were approximately 527 square feet with two rooms and a single bathroom, and Type C houses were approximately 678 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. All three types included a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room.

The project envisioned an organic assembly of these houses to create clusters of 12 units, ultimately reaching a total of 600 modules. This approach allowed for the inclusion of small services within the neighborhood, such as cafes, bakeries, and gourmet stores, aiming to create a pedestrian-dense town immersed in a park with views of the mountains and the Andean foothills.

To achieve this, the project was conceptualized as a pixel within a larger system, considering the final goal of 600 pieces. The design approach was inspired by the behavior of a dense forest, incorporating the concept of botanical shyness, where trees avoid bumping into each other, creating small alleyways between them. This concept informed the placement of each house, generating groups with pedestrian passageways. By grouping the units in this manner, the neighborhood took shape, resembling foliage in a botanical setting.

The main material used for the exterior was white pine wood, complemented by iron elements. The project showcased strategic prefabrication techniques to address the three modular typologies. Notable architectural features included a sculptural steel staircase inspired by Japanese origami and invisible doors that provided a sense of spaciousness within the modules. The interior design aimed to create luminous and spacious living spaces, incorporating elements that enhanced the feeling of openness.

The Tiny House project by Cazú Zegers Arquitectura demonstrated a unique approach to urbanization, incorporating organic principles and innovative design elements to create a cohesive and sustainable neighborhood in Lo Barnechea.

Images by Marcos Zegers

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