June 13, 2023

Domeck Tiny House (400 Sq Ft)

Toronto, ON // 400 Sq Ft // $200,000

Introducing Domek, the flagship Tiny House crafted by Acorn Tiny Homes. The word "Domek" means cottage or cabin, and this exceptional dwelling served as the personal residence of its creators. Domek embodies their journey towards alternative home ownership, allowing them to embrace environmental consciousness and forge a closer connection with nature.

This remarkable home showcases three lofts, including two sleeping lofts and an office space. A striking glass atrium sits above a bathtub/shower, creating a unique bathing experience. The kitchen is both ergonomic and spacious, offering a functional and inviting space for culinary adventures. Domek's multi-medium design allows it to seamlessly adapt to both on-grid and off-grid living.

As visitors step into Domek, they are welcomed by a mud room that serves as a practical and welcoming entryway. Designed with family life in mind, the creators prioritized convenience and efficiency. The washer/dryer combo takes center stage, making it effortless to tackle mud, sawdust, and everyday laundry needs. They ingeniously integrated a changing table for their baby on top of the washer, optimizing space and functionality.

A closer look reveals the unique staircase, a true testament to innovation. The bottom steps fold flat when not in use, maximizing space and ensuring safety for their little one as he takes his first steps.

Domek is not just a seasonal retreat; it is a four-season home designed to accommodate and enhance the joys of family life. Its thoughtful layout and exquisite craftsmanship make it a cherished dwelling that perfectly reflects the creators' values and aspirations.

Experience the allure of Domek, the flagship Tiny House that redefines modern living. Discover a harmonious blend of comfort, sustainability, and the timeless beauty of nature.

Images © Acorn Tiny Homes

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