June 30, 2023

The Baleia by Madeiguincho (187 Sq.Ft.)

Cascais, Portugal // 187 Sq.Ft. // €45,000/$46,000USD // By Madeiguincho

Gonçalo Madeira Marrote, the architect at Madeiguincho, hails from a family of carpenters and has brought his love for timber into the design of the Baleia, an off-grid tiny house that serves as a cozy home for a mother and her two children.

Measuring 7 x 2.5 meters (22 x 8.2 feet) and built on a double-axle trailer, the Baleia is powered by a solar panel array connected to batteries, ensuring its energy needs are met. It also features water tanks for self-sufficiency.

The tiny house boasts two entrances: a main set of double glass doors that open up to the outside and connect to the kitchen, and a smaller side door that leads to a hallway area with storage space for clothes and direct access to the bathroom. This setup offers convenience for keeping the kids clean after outdoor play without tracking dirt into the kitchen.

Inside, the interior decor is simple and functional, showcasing plywood finishes and wooden accents throughout. The kitchen serves as the heart of the home, equipped with a washer/dryer, a four-burner propane-powered stove with an oven, a sink, a fridge, custom cabinetry, and shelving. Adjacent to the kitchen is the living room, featuring seating, storage units, and a dining table/desk area.

On the opposite side of the living room, the bathroom includes a sink, a shower, and a composting toilet. The Baleia offers two sleeping lofts accessible via wooden ladders—one for adults and another for children. These loft bedrooms follow the typical tiny house style with low ceilings and enough space for comfortable beds.

With its solar panel and battery setup, the Baleia operates off-grid and embraces a harmonious blend of wood elements inside and out. The house features ample natural light, thanks to numerous windows and glass doors, with two entrances—one in the front and one on the side.

Despite its compact size, the Baleia offers a spacious kitchen that accommodates a washer/dryer, a four-burner stove with an oven, a deep sink, and generous prep space. The bathroom, conveniently located on the ground floor, includes a stand-up shower, a composting toilet, and a vanity.

A comfortable living room area provides a multifunctional space with a desk/dining table and seating. The sleeping lofts, though cozy, can accommodate comfortable beds; however, storage space is limited due to the low ceilings.

Images © Madeiguincho

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