February 12, 2023

Tiny Cabin in Todd (500 SF)

Todd, NC // 350 SF // $248/night

Available for rent in the lush nature of North Carolina is this cute and cozy tiny cabin. Just 5 minutes from historic downtown Todd, the cabin's location gives both a quiet retreat without sacrificing the possibility of a night on the town.

The cabin comes with a 500-sq-ft private screen-wrapped lounge at its base, with private access to a hot tub, fire table, and dining area. Also in the lounge is a shower surrounded by quartz. There's also grilling space for the outdoor chef, and a private hammock garden.

Inside the cabin, its 360-sq-ft interior, you'll find tall ceilings, ample window space, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a dual working/dining area, and comfy sleeping space.

Interested in staying here yourself? You can rent it on Airbnb here!

Images via Airbnb

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