August 16, 2022

Hazel By Shaye's Tiny Homes

A beautifully designed tiny house, built to serve as the home and sanctuary of a mom and her daughter!

The home, nicknamed "Hazel", was designed and built by the founder and owner of Shaye's Tiny Homes. The two bedroom and one bath space perfectly combines style and function.

The kitchen is large enough to pass for one you'd find in an apartment or small home. It has a wall oven, a four-burner gas stove, large refrigerator, cupboard and drawer space, and a breakfast bar.

The home's living room fits a large four-seater sofa. There is ample lighting and an extra large glass triple-folding door allows for beautiful views from the home. 

There are two bedrooms inside the home- one of which has a full height wrap-around walkway. Located at the opposite ends of the home, one bedroom is on the ground floor and the other is a loft.

Last, but certainly not least is the home's bathroom. With a shower, double vanity, hidden toilet, and even a cupboard to store dirty laundry, it has everything you'll need.

Plans for the home are available for purchase online here.

  • built on a 8.5m x 2.8m triple axle trailer 
  • 9.2m long (at longest point) x 3m wide x 4.25m tall (including trailer height)

Images © Shaye's Tiny Homes

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