September 03, 2021

Double-Decker Bus Home (544 Sq Ft)

What happens when you take an iconic London double decker bus and turn it into a home? A stylish 544-sq-ft sanctuary.

A couple in the UK, Charlie MacVicar, 26, and her boyfriend Luke Walker, 27, decided to move in together but didn’t want to be tied to a mortgage. They considered several alternative home options, including a converted shipping container or a renovated RV, but ultimately settled on a double-deck bus, which offered more space.

In 2017, the couple purchased a red Go-Ahead London Volvo Plaxton bus for £2,500 (about $3,435 USD). The bus was still transporting passengers just a few months before the purchase!

After the buy, the couple invested about £15,000 ($20,600) into renovations. It took about a year and, with help from friends, family, and professionals, they turned the bus into a liveable space. The bus is parked on Charlie’s father’s farm in Essex, where the couple pay a small fee to use the land. It’s adjacent to a pond, and a small pen where the couple keep their two goats.

The bus’s downstairs area has a full kitchen with an oven, stove, microwave, fridge, farmhouse sink, and counterspace. There is also a washing machine and a dining table with space for 3 people, plus a living room with a wood burning stove and a small workspace.

The home’s bathroom has a toilet and sink. Upstairs, the couple added a free-standing Victorian claw-foot tub in the bedroom, which had to be lifted in through an emergency door by crane. Also upstairs is the bedroom and a dressing area. 

The bus is connected to electricity, water and wi-fi, and gas gets delivere. The bus is also still drivable, giving the couple the option to move it as needed.

The only major concern on the bus is temperature control. It isn’t insulated and the couple say it gets very cold in the winter, despite heaters and the wood burning stove, and quite hot in the summer. Despite the blip, the couple says moving into the double decker is the best decision they’ve ever made. 

You can follow the couple's Instagram here, where they document their life on the bus!

Images © Double Decker Home

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