November 05, 2020

Contemporary Nashville Tiny Home

Nashville, TN // 221 Sq Ft //$49,200 (for sale)

With big windows, an open layout, and high ceilings, it would be hard to feel cramped in this tiny home! Now offered for sale in Nashville, Tennessee, this beautiful contemporary home is available for anyone looking to downsize.

The home is built onto a trailer that measures 18-feet in length and 8.5-feet wide, and weighs around 5,200lbs.

The home's first floor includes a living room area, kitchen, and bathroom.

Plenty of windows allow for sunlight to pour in every day and naturally illuminate the home.

The home's entrance is a Yale Keyless Deadbolt, so you won't need a key! Access is gained by entering a numerical pin.

A Murphy bed/sofa provided dual functionality in the home. 

The walls and ceilings are made from maple with hickory flooring throughout.

Built-in storage helps to maximize space so that there's room to store personal belongings.

The home's loft bedroom is upstairs in the loft, accessible by a moveable ladder.

The home's ground floor spans 153 square feet.

The homes kitchenette, with open shelving and a stainless steel sink.

The moveable aluminum ladder, to access the home's loft.

The kitchenette with FoamCore cabinets and shelving, in addition to a mini-fridge and sink.

Lofted ceilings with LED lighting throughout

The upstairs loft includes a small window to let light in.

A cozy sleeping space with room for a queen-sized bed.

The bathroom includes a composting toilet and shelving.

There is also a tiled shower and an operable window.

From the ground to the top of the house, the home measures 12-feet and 6-inches.

The house also comes with a 30-amp power supply, an LPG inline water heater, and a heated water hose.

For more information and/or to buy, you can reach out to the builder through its listing here.

Images via Tiny House Marketplace

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