May 08, 2020

Treehouse Utopia

Utopia, TX // less than 500 Sq Ft // $475+ a night

Every kid’s dream house has come to life for adults!

Welcome to Treehouse Utopia; a treehouse resort in Texas! There are four unique homes that are available to rent to guests.

Each one has its own “personality” and style, but all have the same basic necessities for a comfortable stay. Every treehouse has a bedroom, sitting room, full bathroom with tile shower (two of them have clawfoot tubs), and porches. There is also air conditioning and heating to keep you comfy all-year-around.

The Biblioteque

Named after the French word for "library", this treehouse comes with a huge supply of books.

A cozy place to curl up and read a book in peace.

The Chateau

Images © Treehouse Utopia

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