May 08, 2020

Off-Grid Treehouse Near Ottawa

Ottawa, ON // ~250 Sq Ft // $176 USD/night

Nestled in secluded woodlands, this cozy, off-grid treehouse that would be perfect for a weekend getaway out of the city!

Located just 30-minutes outside of Canada's capital city of Ottawa, the home is in a quiet spot, surrounded by nature and in close proximity to a pond.

Elevated 9-ft off the ground, the treehouse is entirely off-grid, making for a truly rustic experience. 

The treehouse's hosts have included a variety of board games for guests to enjoy during their stay.

There is no electricity in the house so battery-powered lights are provided. 

There also isn't any central water so drinkable water is provided to guests during their stay.

A foldable table, perfect for sitting and dining, playing board games, or getting some work done.

An off-grid capable "sink" for guests to wash their hands in.

A queen-size bed is provided with fresh linens.

A front porch, perfect for sitting and taking in the scenery.

A campfire provides the perfect evening activity to roast marshmallows.

Images via Glampinghub

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