January 01, 2019

Most Popular Tiny Houses of 2018

This year saw numerous phenomenal homes under 500-sq-ft. From tiny houses with retractable roofs to converted horse trailers, a lot of innovative new builds came out of 2018. Ultimetly, these were the most popular homes on our blog. Surprisingly, park model homes were a big hit!

Take a look and enjoy!

#10 - Three Bedroom Lakefront Cottage 

Built on a luxury lakefront cottage resort, this park model home provides the perfect weekend getaway! 

#9 - Award Winning Home From Tiny House Chattanooga

Winner of the "Best in Show" award at the People's Tiny House Festival in Colorado! The home's builder has won several awards for their innovative tiny house builds since the comapny's founding.

For fans of cabins, this 399-sq-ft home offers a classic cabin look complete with a front porch and fireplace!

#7 - Tiny House With a Big Dream

Built to raise money for charity, this tiny home was auctioned off to raise money for veterans!

#6 - Mount Diablo Tiny House

Built by California Tiny Houses, this home features an eye-catching look with contrasting materials and a bright interior!

#5 - The Rumspringer from Liberation Tiny Homes

A beautifully styled tiny home, inspired by a traditioanl farmhouse look!

A luxury cottage with an outdoor fireplace and stunning views of the Northwest landscape!

A modern minimalist tiny house with a relativley large enclosed porch, from ESCAPE One.

#2 - Luxe Lakeside Cottage

The perfect weekend getaway, situated at an upscale lakeside resort in Washington!

#1 - A520 Park Model Home

A luxury park model home with an outdoor fireplace and ample window space inside to naturally illuminate the home during the day!


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