August 04, 2018

The Valhalla From Baluchon

Proof that tiny homes are family-friendly! Designed by Baluchon, this custom home was created for a young family with a child. There’s a small room, right under the home’s raised living room, for a small child to comfortably sleep in. The family also documents their life living tiny on their blog, Lecaninole!


  • Exterior: two-toned cladding, affirmed roof ladders, numerous windows including three bulls-eye windows and two long panoramic windows upstairs
  • Living room: includes a large sofa bed and shelving
  • Kitchen: refrigerator, mini-oven, hotplate
  • Solid oak workspace
  • Large bookshelf
  • Bathroom: 80cm x 80cm shower, dry toilet

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Images © Baluchon

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