August 18, 2018

Nok Nok Tiny House

Champs Romain, France | 176 Sq Ft | $60,677

A beautiful work of contemporary design and functionality! Built by Nok Nok, a tiny house builder from France, this home is currently available for sale. With plenty of storage and all the amenities of a traditional home, this is perfect for someone looking to live a more minimal lifestyle!


  • Brightly lit living room with a sleeper sofa, dining table, and stools
  • Kitchen: stainless steel appliances (two-burner gas cooktop, oven, refrigerator), stainless steel sink, ample counter space, cabinets
  • Modern bathroom: shower with stainless steel fixtures, composting toilet, sink
  • Loft bedroom: accessible by stairs, double mattress included
  • Washing machine included


  • Exterior: veneered plywood, black lacquer metal roof
  • Interior: fir
  • Insulation: sheep's wool, recycled  cotton
  • Measures 22' x 8' x 13'4"
  • Weight: ~7,936lbs
  • Retails for €53,000 or $60,677 USD

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Images © Nok Nok Tiny House 

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