August 13, 2018

Lexington Park Tiny House (160 Sq Ft)

Lexington Park, MD | 160 Sq Ft | $47,000

This 160-sq-ft tiny house is currently available for sale in Maryland! The home has a traditional tiny house on wheels design for fans of the classic look.

The home’s builder created the home as a project and learning experiment and are now looking to sell it to someone looking to downsize!


  • Kitchen: cooktop, microwave oven, cabinets
  • Loft bedroom: accessible by ladder, 51-sq-ft of space
  • Storage loft
  • Bathroom: accessible through a pocket door, a full-size shower, exhaust vent
  • Utilities: LED lighting, electric water heater, mini-split A/C and heat pump, standard plumbing and electrical (plugs into 110V 30-amp RV outlet, requires freshwater supply and septic or sewer connection)
For more information, check out the home's listing here!

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