August 09, 2018

Cottage Grove Tiny House (300 Sq Ft)

Cottage Grove, OR | 300 Sq Ft | $ 36,000

This full-service tiny house has two lofts and comes built onto a premium trailer for easy transportation! It’s perfectly suited for travel and comes with RV hookups. The home is currently available for sale with a fresh coat of paint and delivery options are available!


  • Measures 26’ x 8’
  • Living area: includes a hardwood folding table and corner shelving
  • Full kitchen: full-sized refrigerator, four-burner gas range/oven, sink, cabinets, shelving
  • Double lofts
  • Bathroom: shower, flush toilet, sink, fan, opening window
  • Dual washer/dryer

For more information, check out the home’s listing here!

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