July 17, 2018

The Living Vehicle (218 Sq Ft)

Santa Barbara, CA | 218 Sq Ft | $149,995

Luxury living to go! The Living Vehicle is designed to offer you all the comforts of home in a small and mobile space. It's insulated and off-grid, so you'll be comfortable no matter where you are!


  • Kitchen: 7CF stainless steel refrigerator and freezer with an icemaker, two-burner cooktop, modular island with storage, trash chute, flush mounted stove vent
  • Bathroom: 30" shower with rain shower head and teak deck mat
  • Bedroom*: queen-sized bed with under-bed storage, skylight, floor-to-ceiling closet, 4-drawer dresser
  • Dining table with seating
  • Wireless camera system and security monitor
  • Outdoor BBQ


  • Exterior: 30'11" x 8'4"
  • Interior: 27'4" x 8'
  • 5" all aluminum chassis
  • Insulation: ceiling (R-25), floor (R-19), walls (R-7)
  • Exterior: all aluminum with a bright finish
  • Interior: heat treated white aluminum walls and ceiling
  • Utilities: 50-amp electrical line-in, concealed propane tanks, 100-gallon fresh water tank, 62-gallon gray water tank, 45-gallon black water tank, all lithium battery bank, solar panels (600W Monocrystalline solar array), 110V inverted panel, 110V subpanel
For more information and/or to order, reach out to the makers of the Living Vehicle here!

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