July 22, 2018

Off-Grid Tee-Pee

This tiny house truly goes above and beyond when it comes to minimal and sustainable living!

A modern and off-grid teepee, the home belongs to a wildlife and travel photographer based in Waterville, Quebec. Measuring 7-meters in diameter and 32-sq-meters inside (344-sq-ft), it's completely self-sufficient, modular, and is built to last 30-years without showing environmental damage. In lieu of running water, the home's owner utilizes rainwater collection to meet their daily needs of 15-liters of water a day. Instead of a refrigerator, traditional food processing methods are used to help food last without electricity!

Unfortunately, the local city council has deemed the teepee uninhabitable and has asked it to be removed. The home's owner is inviting government officials and representatives to see the home for themselves in hopes of changing their minds. If you live near Waterville and you'd like to see the home, you can reach out to the home's owner here and ask until Thursday, July 26th, 2018!

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Images © Serge Beaudette 

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