June 13, 2018

Wide Open Tiny House By Perch and Nest

This 36' RV from Perch & Nest has no shortage of awesome features! The company worked closely with the home's owner to create this one-of-a-kind home. With everything from a large porch to a sauna-like room, this home really sets a great example of the different possibilities a tiny house offers!


  • Built onto a 36' triple-axle trailer
  • Kitchen: standard refrigerator, gas range, garbage disposal, dishwasher, custom cabinets and countertops, accordion windows that opens up and features outdoor dining on the other side
  • Drawer storage located under the elevated kitchen
  • Low-level living room
  • Master loft bedroom
  • Cedar dressing/laundry room: includes a "sauna" like wet room and separate washroom facilities
 For more information about the home, reach out to Perch and Nest here!

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Images © Perch and Nest

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