June 12, 2018

The Juniper By Mustard Seed Tiny Homes

The newest model available from Mustard Seed Tiny Homes is this gorgeous modern tiny house on wheels. Named the "Juniper", the home was originally a custom-build for a client, but it turned out so well that it's now being offered as a standard model from the company.

The model pictured here is the original, spanning 31' in length. It also features several of the upgrades available from Mustard Seed for a truly customized and comfortable living space!


  • 31' x 8.5'
  • Exterior: cedar lap siding, standing seam metal roof
  • Interior: 1/2" plywood paneling for the walls, engineered hardwood flooring
  • Framing: kiln dried dimensional lumber, CDX plywood
  • Insulation: fiberglass in the walls, closed-cell spray foam under the floors and in the ceiling
  • Utilities: mini-split HVAC, PEX plumbing, 50-amp electrical box and RV inlet, RV water inlet, electric water heater


  • Kitchen: propane two-burner stovetop, 9-CF electric refrigerator, kitchen sink, custom plywood cabinets, 8' of butcherblock countertops
  • Bathroom: fiberglass shower, ceramic sink with 24" vanity, flush toilet
  • Loft bedroom: the base model has ladder access, an upgraded model (like the one pictured here) has storage stairs 


  • 28' = $68,000
  • 30' = $71,000
  • 32' = $73,000
  • 34' = $75,000
For more information and/or to order, contact Mustard Seed Tiny Homes here!

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