June 01, 2018

Sowelo Tiny Home

New South Wales, Australia | 208 Sq Ft | $97,000 AUD

From Sowelo Tiny Houses is this gorgeous modern home that’s constructed to legal Australian tiny house qualifications! The home is built onto an 8-meter long trailer and is designed to be an environmentally friendly as possible. Based in New South Wales, it’s the perfect home for the eco-friendly minimalist!


  • Kitchen: stainless steel gas stove, energy-efficient fridge
  • Lounge area that can become a guest bedroom with a double bed
  • Two loft bedrooms, each with a skylight
  • Bathroom: includes a bath and shower, vanity with sink, bench storage
  • Available options include a composting toilet, solar-power, and/or the addition of a deck
For more information about the home or the builder, reach out to Sowelo Tiny Houses here!

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Images © Sowelo Tiny Houses

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