May 06, 2018

Habeo Tiny House For Sale

Hunt, TX | 285 Sq Ft | $69,000

From Habeo Tiny Homes is this 24' home on wheels with an eye-catching exterior! The home has all RV-style hookups, making this home easy to set up whether you're using it for travel or permanent living.


  • Kitchen: 12-CF refrigerator, convection oven, moveable induction cooktop
  • Bathroom with a walk-in porcelain tile shower
  • Two lofts with plenty of head room
  • Built onto a 24' TrailerMade trailer with an exterior of cedar, metal siding, metal roof
  • Utilities: RV-style hookups (water/propane/drain/50-amp power), tankless water heater, 12,000 BTU mini-split system, LED lighting throughout, washer/dryer connection
For more information and/or to purchase, reach out to the builders here!

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Images © Habeo Tiny House / via Tiny House Marketplace

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