April 12, 2018

Urban Payette By TruForm Tiny

The Urban Payette is a beautiful 28' home from RVIA-certified builder, TruForm Tiny. The home was created by its owners, a young family, using TruForm's online design feature. The home is fully solar powered which will enable its new family to go off-grid. Inside, an open layout with expanded dormers provides a bright and comfortable layout.


  • Two ladder-accessible lofts with cable railings
  • Office and kid's playroom
  • Dining area with a seating nook that's perfect as a nap space for children
  • Kitchen: Ruvatti sink, stainless steel four-burner stove top and oven, tiled backsplash 
  • Bathroom with a shower, modern sink, toilet, and storage
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Images © TruForm Tiny

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