April 01, 2018

Tiny House Lumen

Riocaud, France | 154 Sq Ft | €39,500 ($48,670 USD)

This gorgeous contemporary tiny home is built by and available for sale from Tiny House Lumen. Its bright and stylish interior is thoughtfully designed to provide a home that's liveable and comfortable!


  • Trailer: 7.2-meter (23.6') double axle trailer
  • External measurement: 7.2-meters x 2.55-meters x 4.18-meters (23.6' x 8.3' x 13.7')
  • Interior measurements: 6.42-meters x 2.23-meters x 3.3-meters (21' x 7.3' x 10.8')
  • Interior: 14.3m² main floor + 4m² mezzanine (154 sq ft + 43 sq ft)
  • Weight: 3.4-tonnes
  • Spruce structure 
  • Insulation: floor (sheep's wool), walls (cotton, flax, and hemp), ceiling (wood fiber)
  • Exterior: poplar with anti-UV saturator
  • Interior: chestnut paneling walls, chestnut flooring in the loft, vinyl tile flooring on the main floor
  • Utilities: LED lighting throughout, 100-liter electric water heater, ventilation


  • Main floor with four aluminum sliding doors, three large windows, and a bay window
  • Kitchen: stainless steel sink, small fridge, two-burner gas cooktop, plenty of storage
  • Dining area with two stools
  • Bathroom: large shower, dry toilet, sink, room for a washer/dryer unit
  • Loft bedroom: accessible by ladder with a large window
For any further questions, or to buy, reach out to Tiny House Lumen through their Facebook page here!

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Images © Tiny House Lumen / Text translated from French

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