March 18, 2018

Swallowtail From The Tiny House Company

The Tiny House Company of Salisbury, Australia, has released this innovative new tiny house model.

Named the Swallowtail, the home was created to allow its owner to upgrade and/or change the design of the home as their needs/wants shift over time. Additionally, it was created with the consumer-on-a-budget in mind and has a layout well-suited for IKEA furniture and cabinets. There's also no built-in furniture, which allows you the possibility of easily rearranging the layout when the mood strikes!


  • Measures: 7.3-meters by 2.4-meters (about 23.9' x 7.8')
  • Base Price: $79,000 AUD (about $63,240 USD)
  • Exterior: ply cladding and corrugated sheeting, butterfly roof
  • Engineered to withstand Australian Standard wind classification C2
  • Available options: awnings, a deck, integrated planter box(es)
  • An abundance of window space to keep the home naturally illuminated during the day

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Images © The Tiny House Company

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