March 07, 2018

Nooga Blue Sky

Tiny House Chattanooga | 275 Sq Ft | 2 bedrooms

A luxury off-grid tiny house on wheels from Tiny House Chattanooga. Add a home office, enjoy TV in your living room, and take advantage of all the storage available! While this home is awesome as-is, you have the option to customize this home and layout to better suit your personal needs and/or budget.


  • Living room: a folding table, television, option to add a daybed or desk
  • Kitchen: fridge, stove/oven, cabinets, range hood, granite countertops
  • Master bedroom: stairs access, fresh air exchanger, room for a queen, roof access
  • Second bedroom: ladder access, room for a single bed
  • Bathroom: accessible through sliding barn door, Nature's Head composting toilet, Japanese soaking tub and shower, storage, fan behind mirror


  • 24'
  • steel frame
  • solar-powered mini split
  • propane powered fridge and oven
  • four solar panels
  • 200-amp battery bank
  • 26-gallon freshwater tank
  • Exterior: pine
  • Interior: pine with a single-coat of white paint

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Images © Tiny House Chattanooga | Video © Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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