Holzdesign Hegselmann Tiny House

Holzdesign Hegselmann | 170 Sq Ft | $98,724

A modern tiny house from German design firm, Holzdesign Hegselmann. A minimal design inside coupled with large windows helps to keep the space feeling light and airy!

  • Living room
  • Kitchen: stainless steel sink, two-burner cooktop
  • Loft bedroom: skylight, stairs access
  • Bathroom


  • External length: 7.3m x 2.55 m
  • Interior length: 2.26m x 7m
  • Weight: approx. 3640 KG or 8,024 lbs
  • Loft bedroom: 64 sq ft
  • Price: €80,000 or $98,724 USD

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Images © Holzdesign Hegselmann

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