March 22, 2018

Global Tiny Houses Home

Scarborough, ME | ~192 Sq Ft | $49,900

A gorgeous modern tiny house with an open layout and everything you need to live comfortably!


  • 24'x 8'
  • Full aluminum trailer
  • Weighs around 10,000lbs
  • Washer/dryer hookups
  • Shiplap interior walls
  • Legal for road travel and can be towed with a one-ton pickup
  • Utilities: tankless water heater, propane appliances


  • Living room: Dickinson propane heater, overhead oscillating fan
  • Ground floor bedroom
  • Ladder accessible loft bedroom
  • Full kitchen: four-burner gas range and stove, full-sized refrigerator, butcherblock countertops, industrial shelving
  • Bathroom: Nature's Head composting toilet
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