February 08, 2018

Freedom V2 By Alabama Tiny Homes (304 Sq Ft)

Alabama Tiny Homes has released a second version of their popular Freedom model. This one is similar in layout to the original but with a few upgrades! Instead of a trundle bed, the Freedem V2 has a Murphy bed for its ground-floor bedroom. There's also a tub in the bathroom, a bigger closet, and storage in the home's raised floors!

Also included in the Freedom V2 is a second bedroom in the loft area of the home, a beautifully designed kitchen, a fold-away table, and a bathroom.

The Freedom V2 is available for custom order with a price starting at $68,000. Each home takes about 12 weeks to build. Contact Alabama Tiny Homes here for any further information and/or inquires!

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Images © Alabama Tiny Homes

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