January 22, 2018

The Pod C From The Tiny House Company

The Tiny House Company of Salisbury, Australia, has just released their newest and most affordable tiny house model!

Named the "Pod C" the home is designed to grow with you. Its interior is created to be flexible and undergo modifications as your needs change. It was also made to comfortably accommodate IKEA furniture and cabinets! Despite the home's small size, its bright and minimal interior will have you feeling right at home and comfortable!

  • Measures: 7.3-meters by 2.4-meters (about 23.9' x 7.8')
  • Base Price: $79,000 AUD (about $63,240 USD)
  • Exterior: ply cladding and corrugated sheeting 
For more information and/or inquiries, contact The Tiny House Company here!

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Images by Andrew Carter / via  The Tiny House Company

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