January 20, 2018

Orion at Blue Moon Rising

For a truly unique tiny house experience, check out the Orion at the Blue Moon Rising resort in McHenry, Maryland. Situated on the shores of Deep Creek Lake, it's the perfect place to getaway and try out tiny house living!

The resort features 13 eco-friendly tiny houses in total, all designed and built by Hobbitat Spaces. All the homes are constructed using reclaimed, recycled, and locally-found materials.

Pictured here is the Orion, which is available for rent here for $199 a night.


  • truck air horn porch light
  • railroad oilers kitchen lights
  • corrugated metal siding
  • redwood trim boards
  • plywood tile floor
  • plaster walls
  • redwood cabinets, trim and wainscoting
  • queen sized sleeping bumpout
  • storage loft

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Images ©  Hobbitat Spaces

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