December 19, 2017

Tiny Estates Resort Coming To Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania' most prominent tiny house builder, Liberation Tiny Homes, has just announced an exciting new in development: a tiny house resort named Tiny Estates!

Liberation has been working with a local developer in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, to transform a local campground into a brand new tiny house village with 100 homes. The first phase of the project will see the construction of the houses, followed by phase 2 which will see the addition of several amenities, concluding a pool, two ponds with beaches, a restaurant, rock climbing wall, and a pool, to name a few!

You can start placing reservations for a tiny home as soon as February 2018 and Tiny Estates opens in April of 2018! Be sure to check out the video below for a sneak peek!

If you can't wait till April, then check out the Egg Harbor beach house here, built and offered for rent from Liberation Tiny Homes!


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Information & video courtesy of Liberation Tiny Homes

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