December 26, 2017

Maringotka Caravan

Czech out this modern tiny house from Prague!

Named the "Maringotka", the home is a new and modrn take on the traditional caravan. Designed by Czech architecture firm, Miramari Designs, the house is designed for someone looking to downsize without sacrificing quality and/or style. The home measures 3.8m x 8m or 12.5 ft x 26 ft with an interior size total of around 327-sq-ft. Its simple singular-level layout includes a full kitchen, a roomy  dining space, a bathroom, and a bed. The Maringotka in composed of a sturdy steel frame clad in a dark-stained wood exterior, which contrasts nicely with the home's light and bright interior.

The starting price for the Maringotka Caravan starts at 650.000 KČ (around $29906 USD) and increases with customizations and added options. Feel free to reach out to Miramari Designs here for further questions and/or inqueries!

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Images ©  Miramari Designs / via Tiny House Tour

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