December 05, 2017

Luxury Double Loft From Free 2 Roam

From Free 2 Roam Tiny Homes is this beautiful, luxury tiny home that's meant to inspire adventure!

Dubbed the "Luxury Dual Loft", the home has two bedrooms; one accessible by stairs and another by ladder. Downstairs is a beautiful galley kitchen with a four-burner stove and oven, a dishwasher, stainless steel sink, microwave, cabinets, and open shelving. There's also a table for two (perfect for dining or as a workspace), a living room, and bathroom.

This model retails for $75,000. You can also work with Free 2 Roam to create your own custom home, which starts at $40,000. Contact the company here for questions and/or inquiries.

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Images ©  Free 2 Roam Tiny Homes

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