November 15, 2017

The Woody Way Cottage (190 Sq Ft)

From Woody Way, a Swiss tiny house builder, is this cozy cottage-style tiny house on wheels.

Nicknamed the “Cottage” the home measures 20’ x 8’, spans a total of 190 sq ft and comes completely off-grid ready!

The home’s exterior features beautiful red cedar and comes instead with hemp fibre, cotton, and linen. Inside is a well-light interior, courtesy of the home’s ten windows. There’s also a kitchen, a bathroom, a loft bedroom, and a second loft space that would be perfect for storage or as a second bedroom. There’s also a living room that comes with a modular sofa and a folding desk!

Not only is the Cottage off-grid, but it’s also eco-friendly and features 95% enviormentally-friendly materials!

The Cottage is available for order from Woody Way for 55,000€ (or $64,000 USD). You can reach out to Woody Way here to order and/or any more questions!

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Images ©  Woody Way 

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