October 28, 2017

The Trinity From Alabama Tiny Homes

A beautiful tiny house on wheels to liven up your life with some vibrant colors!

Designed and built by Alabama Tiny Homes, the home features a beautifully designed interior with a functional layout. Named "The Trinity", the house features two bedrooms- both accessible by stairs. There's also a relativley spacious living room with a fireplace and TV.

The kitchen of The Trinity features an L-shaped counter with a washer and dryer underneath. There's also a fridge, two-burner cooktop, and plenty of cabinet space to store your belongings.

Also included in the home is a bright, modern bathroom with a toilet, shower, sink, and storage space.

Pricing for The Trinity starts at $69,000. You can contact Alabama Tiny Homes here!

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Images ©  Alabama Tiny Homes

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