September 26, 2017

The 360 Villa (915 Sq Ft)

The award for "Best Dog Parents" may have to go to the couple who commissioned this stunning villa in the Netherlands.

The home's owners have Alaska Malamutes and wanted a home that would allow their dogs to enjoy the outside and be easily viewed from inside the home. They hired Dutch architecture firm, 123 DV, to create a space that would best suit their needs.

The home features a continuous round window that allows the home's owners to watch their dogs play outside all day. A generous canopy offers plenty of dry space for the dogs to have room to run around and stay dry on rainy days.

Inside the home is an open concept layout that makes the home feel bigger than its 85m² (915 sq ft) size. The living room, kitchen, and bedroom are all joined, but there is a sliding door that can close off the bedroom from the rest of the home when needed.

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Images © 123DV

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