August 08, 2017

The Nugget From Modern Tiny Living

New, from Modern Tiny Living,is the company's smallest home to date: the 102 sq ft Nugget!

Despite the home's small size, it's fully functional and even off-grid capable! The Nugget was built using trailer-made steel framing onto a 12 ft trailer, weighing in at around 4,500 lbs. It's exterior features pine siding with a metal roof.

The Nugget's bright, modern interior features a micro kitchen with a large sink, a sleeping nook, and a full bathroom. There's also shelf storage available to store your thing, and plenty of window space to allow in natural light and make the home feel a little bit bigger than it is! It's currently available for sale near Columbus, Ohio, for $36,000.

For more details and info on The Nuggest, contact Modern Tiny Living here!

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Images ©  Modern Tiny living

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