August 12, 2017

The Micro-Mansion (200 Sq Ft)

The Micro-Mansion measures 200 sq. ft. and is located in Washington. It's built with premium amenities and travels well, making this a great option for those looking to go tiny and travel!

When you into the home, you’ll see the staircase, which leads up to the lofted bedroom, ahead on the left and the kitchen on the right. The kitchen features light wood counter tops, dark wood trim, cabinetry for storage, a stainless steel sink, a 4-burner range w/ oven, a refrigerator/freezer and 2-in-1 washer/dryer unit.

Past the kitchen is the bathroom that is furnished with a white rectangular sink, composting toilet and custom wooden shower tub.

For more information on this $67,750 home, visit its sales listing here!

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Images via Tiny House Listings

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