August 20, 2017

Room of Requirement (150 Sq Ft)

Check out this beautiful mobile studio, currently available for sale in Gabriole, British Columbia!

Named the "Room of Requirments", it's perfect for use as a work space or maybe even a yoga studio! The exterior is composed of an eye-catching charred cedar with painted galvanized metal. Inside the home is a roomy space with a fold-down kitchenette, perfect for making coffee! There's also wool insulation and a Dickinson Marine Newport propane fireplace to keep you warm in the colder months.

An extra cool feature of the home: there's a rooftop deck, perfect as a place to relax or start a deer-free garden!

The Room of Requirments measures 8' x 19' and is currently listed for $45,000 CAD here.

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Images via Tiny House Listings 

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