Room of Requirement (150 Sq Ft)

Check out this beautiful mobile studio, currently available for sale in Gabriole, British Columbia!

Named the "Room of Requirments", it's perfect for use as a work space or maybe even a yoga studio! The exterior is composed of an eye-catching charred cedar with painted galvanized metal. Inside the home is a roomy space with a fold-down kitchenette, perfect for making coffee! There's also wool insulation and a Dickinson Marine Newport propane fireplace to keep you warm in the colder months.

An extra cool feature of the home: there's a rooftop deck, perfect as a place to relax or start a deer-free garden!

The Room of Requirments measures 8' x 19' and is currently listed for $45,000 CAD here.

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Images via Tiny House Listings 

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