August 05, 2017

La Bohème From Balchon

La Bohème is a custom tiny house that was built for a client by Baluchon. While this particular home is not on the market, you may be interested in having a home custom built for your family and yourself by Baluchon!

When you walk into this home, you’ll see the bathroom on the right, the kitchen in front of you and the dining and living areas to your left.

The Bathroom located immediately to the right of the entrance is furnished with a walk-in shower and a uniquely designed dry-flush toilet.

Coming out of the bathroom, you’ll enter the kitchen. This space features wooden countertops, white cabinetry with black trimming, a 2-burner cooktop and a deep, stainless steel sink.

A high-top dining table with high chairs separates the kitchen from the living room, and the living room is furnished with a convertible sofa, coffee table and bookshelf. Adjacent to the bookshelf is a ladder that can be used to access the lofted bedroom.

For more information on La Bohème, contact Baluchon here!

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Images ©  Baluchon

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