July 22, 2017

Taylors Tiny House (160 Sq Ft)

While The Little Prince has a pretty red exterior, the inside is simple and white giving the 160 sq. ft. home a more spacious feel.

Once you walk into the home, you will see a ladder that leads up to the lofted bedroom immediately to your left. Pass the ladder and you will see the entire arrangement of the rest of the house. The living room occupies the right side of the home while the kitchen and bathroom occupy the left side.

The kitchen features a refrigerator/freezer, white sink, wall shelving and an electric cooktop; and the bathroom has a rectangular sink and standard toilet.

Additionally, the owner of The Little Prince is willing to customize the home to fit the specific needs of the buyer (i.e. installation of custom shelving or desk units in living room, addition of solar panels, etc.). For more information on the home or how to contact the owner, visit its listing here!

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Images via Tiny House Listings

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