July 13, 2017

Malenki Bunk House (136 Sq Ft)

The Malenki is a 136 sq. ft. tiny house that is ready to be overtaken with creativity! This home is a blank canvas in that it is ready to take on customization upon move in.

Once you walk through the charming, antique front door of the house, you will be standing in the living room. There are seating benches on either side of this space that could be decorated with custom cushions! Also, there is plenty of storage for personal belongings!

The kitchen and bathroom, like the living room, are also ready to be customized. A mini fridge/freezer is located underneath the counter top in the kitchen, but other appliances would need to be added.

The king-sized lofted bedroom is located above the kitchen and can be accessed via ladder.

This tiny home is listed for $40,000 and ready for the road! For more information on the Malenki, visit its sales listing here!

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Images via Tiny House Listings

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