June 25, 2017

The TinyHaus (320 Sq Ft)

The TinyHaus is a modern yet minimal 320 sq. ft. tiny house built on a 35’ fifth wheel trailer by KMH Concepts.

Upon walking into the house, you will have a view of the kitchen on the right and the living area on the left.

If you go to the right, a fully equipped kitchen furnished by white appliances meets you. This kitchen has a full-sized refrigerator, glass stove top/oven and microwave. There is plenty of counter space, ample shelving on the walls and extra storage space in the cabinets.

Next to the countertop is a built in computer nook with a drawer for storing office supplies (i.e. pens, paper clips, and other small items).

Continue going to the right of the house, and you will be in the laundry and bathroom area. The large utility closet across from the bathroom has a washer/dryer hook-up and can also be used for storing extra items. The bathroom has a vanity with a mirror, cabinet space and wall storage for personal/cleaning items, an indoor toilet and 4’ wide walk in shower.

Coming out of the bathroom and treading across the beautiful bamboo flooring, you will enter the living area. This area while not completely furnished comes with some special features. A built in TV unit and fireplace separate the bedroom from the living space, and behind the fireplace is extra storage for larger belongings.

While going up the stairs to enter the bedroom area, you will notice drawers beneath each stair that can be used for storage as well.

Finally, the queen-sized bedroom is taller than your standard lofted bedroom, which means extra comfort, and has enough space for placing a nightstand next to the bed.

This spacious tiny house is listed for $50,000, however the seller is open to other reasonable offers. For more information on this house visit KMH Concepts website here!

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Images © TinyHaus

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