June 24, 2017

The Shangri-Little Tiny House

The Shangri-Little is a cozy tiny home at the Live A Little Chatt resort, located in Georgia.

Steps at the front of the house lead up to a spacious porch that you walk across to enter the beautiful glass doors of the home.

Upon entering the main living area, you will see a coffee table in front of a comfy sofa. Above the sofa is a wide window that mirrors another window on the opposite wall, and to the right of the sofa is a bookshelf.

Facing away from the bookshelf and exiting the living area, you will see stairs leading up to the lofted bedroom on the left and the dining area/kitchen on the right.

Walking toward the kitchen, you will pass a dining table/desk under which two seats are located. A window sits perpendicular to this table so that you will have plenty of lighting to get work done during the day and look out into nature while eating dinner at night.

To the left of the table is the kitchen equipped with a wine rack located above the countertop, cabinetry for storage below the countertop, a 2-burner stove to the left of the sink and a full-sized refrigerator. Also, kitchen accessories such as a cutting board, pots/pans, cups, etc. are included.

Continuing to the far left side of the home is the bathroom. While small, the bathroom includes a sink, shower, toilet and shelving for linen storage.

Last but not least, this home comes with a special and unique feature: the secret hobbit door (located in the lofted bedroom) that leads to the rooftop deck! This special feature gives the bedroom a mysterious and mystical feeling!

To reserve the Shangri-Little, visit its Airbnb listing here!

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Images © Live A Little Chatt

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