June 08, 2017

The Nottingham By Finished Right Contracting

Have a look at this beautiful, one-of-a-kind tiny home from Finished Right Contracting!

Dubbed "The Nottingham", the home is a custom build for a client on Vancouver Island. The home measures 10' x 28' x 13.5' and has an interior size of about 340 sq ft.

The kitchen is raised and even has storage underneath! There's also solid maple countertops, hidden storage, an apartment-sized refrigerator, and a three-burner propane stove/oven with a hood fan.

Upstairs, via stairs that double as storage, is a loft bedroom with a built-in bed frame. There's also storage, hidden cubbies in the floor, and even a phone stand!

A standard 28' home from Finished Right starts at $69,000 CAD (about $51,115 USD), plus tax. For more info and/or interest, contact the company here!

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Images © Finished Right Contracting

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