June 16, 2017

The Esk'et Spyu7 Cabin

Check out the Esk'et Spyu7; an 8' x 10' cabin built with beautiful detail and expert craftsmanship.

The Spyu7 is off-grid and perfect for recreational use or as a guest house. It's available for rent at the Esk’etemc; a First Nation community of the Secwepemc Nation in British Columbia. Since it's a camping cabin, the kitchen or washroom are located in a separate facility, but it still provides a comfy getaway!

The cabin is built onto a trailer and features a gambrel roof, a 40 sq ft deck, and intricate feather carvings on its exterior. Inside is a comfy sleeping loft, plenty of storage, a dining room for two, and a living room space to sit back and relax. The Spyu7 is also well insulated to keep you snug during the winter!

The Spyu7 will be available for order as of next year. Pricing starts at $58,900 CAD (about $44,546 USD).

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Images © Casey Bennett / via Esk'et Tiny House

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