June 27, 2017

Rusty Storage Tank Turned Tiny House

The Rusty Storage Tank turned tiny home is one of the most unique tiny homes I have come across!

The home is made from an old storage tank for a brand new show on FYI called You Can't Turn That Into A House. The show turns unlikely items into livable spaces!

The front exterior of this cylindrical tiny house features a large porch with a seating area and fireplace. Imagine relaxing out here with some friends and a cup of hot cocoa/coffee when it is chilly outside! When you want to warm up inside of the house, enter through the huge glass doors into the living area. The leather couch in the living space acts as a divider between the bedroom and the kitchen.

To the right of the home is the bedroom furnished with a platform bed. You will have the most amazing view of the forest from the window because it is so large it almost makes you feel like you’re lying outside!

To the left of the home is the kitchen featuring a cooktop, farm sink and breakfast bar with stools underneath.

All in all, a really unique home!

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