June 06, 2017

La Contemporaine (208 Sq Ft)

Check out this beautiful modern home from a new tiny house builder, Vivre En Mini ("live in mini/little"). The company specializes in tiny homes on both wheels and foundations. Produced in Alma, Quebec, each home exudes expert craftsmanship and functional design.

The home pictured here is named La Contemporaine ("The Contemporary"). It's built onto a double-axel aluminum trailer and weighs about 12,518 lbs. The home measures 8'6" x 26' x 13'6" and is fully insulated to withstand Quebec's notoriously harsh winters.

Inside the home is a main floor with 208 sq ft of space, and a 40 sq ft loft. There's a full kitchen, a living room with big windows to flood the home with sunshine, a loft bedroom, and a bathroom.

The home usually retails for $105,000 CAD (almost $78,000 USD) but the demo model, pictured here, is currently offered at $85,000 plus tax (about $63,110 USD).

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Images © Vivre En Mini

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