June 30, 2017

Covo Mio Model

The Covo Mio Model is a modern tiny home with a bright white and dark wood interior. Large windows let in an abundance of natural light during the day to give the home a spacious feeling.

When you walk through the front door, you will enter the main living area. This space is furnished with a futon along one wall, two bar stools underneath the countertop on the opposite wall and a TV flanked by two cubbies against the rightmost wall of the home.

In order to enter the loft, you will have to go up the ladder that borders the kitchen counter on the left side of the house.

If you walk past the ladder, you will enter the kitchen. This spacious kitchen features a double sink, 4-burner stove/oven, full-sized refrigerator/freezer and ample counter space. Across from the kitchen is the bathroom.

For more information on the Covo Mio Model, contact its builder here!

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Images © Covo Mio

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